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About the Project

Green Light Go is ZBT's major philanthropic event for the Fund for Safe and Healthy Campuses. Money raised for this fund will allow JWI to create programs that not only educate students in healthy relationships and bystander intervention, but also position our men as leaders in changing the culture on campus and being examples of the very best of the fraternal world.

Green Light Go is a campus-wide game of Red Light, Green Light. Here's how to bring it to campus:

Partner with other groups—fraternities, sororities, student government, sports teams, advocacy groups (Take Back the Night, peer counselors, women’s center). Honestly, this is such a hot topic (The "It’s On Us" campaign is making consent their focus this year) your university administration might even sign on. We’re asking as many chapters as possible to hold the event. (But don’t worry if that date doesn’t work for your chapter, schedule it another night.)

Green Light: Go! is open to all students—try to get as many as you can to play. (The Guinness World Record for most participants playing Red Light, Green Light at one time is 1,136. Think you can beat it?) Have two guys with handheld tally clickers to independently record the number of players and we’ll see who gets the most. If possible, have at least one player wear a GoPro camera to record the race from the player’s perspective. Consider simulcasting the live feed!

Designate an area of campus for the event—depending on the size of your school this could be anywhere from your front lawn to the football stadium. Sell t-shirts or silicone bracelets the weeks leading up to GLG to those students who want to play (have extras on hand at the event for walk-ups.) Make it fun—hire student bands, serve food (green cupcakes!) Maybe even arrange for food trucks. If you’d like, pass out green light up necklaces, green flashlights, green boas—anything green and tacky. Allow partnering groups to table. If JWI's Safe Smart Dating program is coming to your campus, this is the perfect time to promote it.

Make it meaningful—the idea is to have fun, but also educate and raise awareness. Invite someone appropriate to speak—a survivor, someone from an advocacy group, maybe even someone from administration or counseling. If your chapter has hosted Safe Smart Dating, have one of the brothers speak about why this is important.

Consider starting the event with a guest speaker.

Explain the rules to everyone and then play. And, if you have music and food on site, everyone should hang out long after the game is over.